Strange World Characters

In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of Strange World characters, brought to life in Disney’s thrilling action-packed adventure. These heroes embark on an exploratory theme and encounter many difficulties that test their mettle and push them to their limits. The film, which was created by a skilled team that included a producer, co-director, and director, promises to take viewers on an amazing adventure into the unknown.

Characters and Voice Talent

Let’s meet the remarkable main characters who populate the Strange World, each accompanied by their exceptionally talented voice actors. Through their voices, these characters come alive, resonating with viewers on a profound level. Here’s a brief introduction to each of them:

Searcher Clade

Searcher Clade

  • Searcher Clade (Voiced by Jake Gyllenhaal)

In the extraordinary realm of “Strange World,” we encounter a captivating array of characters who embark on a mesmerizing journey. Let’s explore the main characters, their talented voice actors, and delve into their distinctive roles, personalities, and physical appearances.

  • Role and Personality: Searcher Clade serves as the intrepid leader of the group, guiding their companions through uncharted territories and unraveling the mysteries of Strange World. With a keen intellect and unwavering determination, they act as the strategic mastermind, always searching for solutions to the challenges they encounter. Searcher Clade exudes confidence and resilience, inspiring their fellow adventurers to persevere in the face of adversity.
  • Physical Description: Searcher Clade possesses an imposing presence, with a tall and commanding stature that reflects their natural leadership qualities. Their piercing eyes, the color of deep amber, mirror their sharp intellect and perceptive nature. Searcher Clade’s raven-black hair cascades in sleek waves, framing their chiseled and determined face. They are often adorned in a distinctive, intricately designed cloak that billows with an air of mystique. This cloak, adorned with ancient symbols, represents their deep connection to the history and secrets of Strange World.

Meridian Clade

Meridian Clade

  • Meridian Clade (Voiced by Gabrielle Union)

Another remarkable character we encounter in “Strange World” is the enigmatic Meridian Clade.

  • Role and Personality: Meridian Clade possesses an innate connection with the mystical forces of Strange World. Their ethereal presence and profound wisdom make them the spiritual guide of the group. Meridian Clade acts as a calming influence during times of turmoil, providing profound insights and guidance to their fellow adventurers. Their tranquil nature and ability to perceive the unseen threads of fate make them an invaluable ally in their quest.
  • Physical Description: Meridian Clade emanates an otherworldly aura, with a serene and graceful presence that captures the essence of Strange World’s magical energy. Their luminous, silver-white hair cascades down their back, reflecting the shimmering light of the mystical crystals that dot the realm. Their eyes, the color of a serene ocean, exude a gentle wisdom and an understanding beyond their years. Meridian Clade is often adorned in flowing robes of iridescent hues, representing their harmonious connection with the energies that permeate Strange World.

Ethan Clade

Ethan Clade

  • Ethan Clade (Voiced by Jaboukie Young-White)

As we delve deeper into the world of “Strange World,” it’s essential to focus on the main protagonist, Ethan Clade, and his role within the Searcher Clade.

  • Role and Personality: Ethan Clade, as the leader of the Searcher Clade, possesses a natural charisma and a relentless drive to uncover the truth. His unyielding determination and unwavering loyalty to his companions propel the group forward, even in the face of adversity. Ethan’s resourcefulness and quick thinking make him a formidable presence in Strange World.
  • Physical Description: Ethan stands tall, with a strong and athletic build that reflects his adventurous nature. His wavy, chestnut-brown hair, tinged with hints of gold, falls in a tousled manner, mirroring his free-spirited personality. Ethan’s deep, hazel eyes shimmer with curiosity and determination. He is often seen wearing a weathered leather jacket, a symbol of his resilience, and cargo pants, ready for any challenge that comes his way.

Jaeger Clade

Jaeger Clade

  • Jaeger Clade (Voiced by Dennis Quaid)

In the thrilling world of “Strange World,” we encounter a captivating cast of characters who embark on an extraordinary journey. Let’s dive into the main characters, their voice talent, and explore their distinct roles and personalities.

  • Role and Personality: Jaeger Clade is a vital member of the Searcher Clade, lending his expertise and wisdom to the group. With his deep understanding of the mystical realm of Strange World, Jaeger serves as a mentor and guide, offering invaluable insights into the enigmatic world they navigate. His calm demeanor and sharp intellect make him an invaluable asset to the team.
  • Physical Description: Jaeger Clade possesses an air of mystery and intrigue. His flowing, silver hair cascades down his back, reminiscent of a shimmering waterfall. His captivating gaze, framed by arched silver eyebrows, holds a depth of knowledge that reflects his profound understanding of Strange World. Jaeger’s attire consists of flowing robes in hues of midnight blue, adorned with intricate symbols that hint at his connection to the ancient forces at play.
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Callisto Mal

Callisto Mal

  • Callisto Mal (Voiced by Lucy Liu)

Let’s now turn our attention to another compelling character from “Strange World” – Callisto Mal.

  • Role and Personality: Callisto Mal brings a dash of adventure and daring to the group. As a skilled tracker and survivalist, Callisto excels in navigating the treacherous landscapes of Strange World. Her unwavering determination and resourcefulness prove invaluable as she helps the Searcher Clade overcome numerous obstacles. Callisto’s free-spirited nature and quick thinking make her an indispensable member of the team.
  • Physical Description: Callisto possesses an alluring presence that complements her adventurous spirit. Her sun-kissed skin glows with vitality, hinting at her time spent under the open sky. Cascading waves of auburn hair frame her face, often caught in the gentle breeze of their journey. Callisto’s striking emerald-green eyes, sparkling with determination, hold an air of mystery. She dons practical yet stylish attire, with a leather jacket that speaks of her resilience and form-fitting pants that allow her agile movements. Her worn boots carry the marks of countless expeditions into the unknown.



Now, let’s explore the enigmatic character known as Legend in the world of “Strange World.”

  • Role and Personality: Legend is a mythical figure whose presence looms large in the legends and tales of Strange World. With a mysterious past and an aura of intrigue, Legend’s role in the story unfolds as the narrative progresses. As a guardian of ancient knowledge and hidden truths, Legend acts as a guide and source of wisdom for the Searcher Clade, offering cryptic clues and riddles along their journey.
  • Physical Description: The physical appearance of Legend is shrouded in mystery, as their true form remains elusive. Legends are told of a figure cloaked in a flowing robe, the color of twilight, which billows gently as if carried by a gentle breeze. Their face is veiled, leaving only glimpses of ethereal, luminescent eyes that seem to hold the wisdom of ages. The aura surrounding Legend exudes an otherworldly energy, drawing the attention and curiosity of those fortunate enough to encounter this elusive figure.



  • Caspian (Voiced by Karan Soni)

In the enchanting world of “Strange World,” we encounter a delightful cast of characters who embark on a thrilling adventure. Let’s delve into the main characters, their talented voice actors, and explore their unique roles and personalities.

  • Role and Personality: Caspian is a lovable and mischievous character who adds a touch of whimsy to the story. With a knack for finding hidden treasures and a zest for exploration, Caspian serves as the comedic relief in the group. Their lighthearted nature and quick wit often lighten the mood during intense moments, providing much-needed comic relief.
  • Physical Description: Caspian is a sprightly creature with a vibrant and colorful appearance. Their small stature and agile movements make them nimble and agile in their escapades. Caspian’s fluffy, multicolored fur boasts hues of azure blue, emerald green, and sunshine yellow, which shimmer in the sunlight. Their large, expressive eyes sparkle with mischief, inviting others to join in their playful antics. Caspian is often seen sporting a tiny vest adorned with pockets, perfect for storing their favorite trinkets and discoveries.



  • Duffle (Voiced by Alan Tudyk)

Next, we encounter a charming character known as Duffle, adding depth and heart to the group.

  • Role and Personality: Duffle serves as the compassionate and loyal friend within the cast of “Strange World” characters. Their unwavering support and empathetic nature make them the emotional anchor of the group. Duffle is always there to offer a listening ear, providing comfort and understanding during challenging times.
  • Physical Description: Duffle is an endearing creature with a soft and cuddly appearance. Their fluffy, cream-colored fur gives them a huggable quality that draws others in. Duffle’s round, expressive eyes sparkle with warmth and kindness, reflecting their gentle soul. Their paws, adorned with velvety pads, are perfect for offering comforting gestures. Duffle often wears a cozy knitted scarf, a symbol of their nurturing nature and love for keeping others warm.



Lastly, we encounter the energetic and spirited character named Splat, who brings excitement and enthusiasm to the group.

  • Role and Personality: Splat is the embodiment of boundless energy and a zest for life. Their adventurous spirit and fearlessness make them the go-to character for daring escapades and thrilling challenges. Splat’s infectious enthusiasm uplifts the entire group, encouraging them to push their limits and embrace the unknown.
  • Physical Description: Splat is a dynamic character with a distinctive appearance. Their sleek, jet-black fur shimmers under the moonlight, emphasizing their agile and athletic physique. Splat’s eyes, gleaming with excitement, reflect a spirit of adventure. They possess a long, graceful tail that aids in maintaining balance during acrobatic maneuvers. Splat’s vibrant, multicolored wings add a touch of whimsy to their overall appearance, enabling them to soar through the skies of Strange World.

Supporting Characters

In the thrilling world of “Strange World,” a host of captivating supporting characters adds depth and intrigue to the story. These characters play essential roles, each contributing their unique qualities and characteristics to the narrative. Let’s delve into the fascinating ensemble of supporting characters and explore their significant contributions to the adventure.


  • Kardez, a seasoned explorer and expert in deciphering ancient texts, provides invaluable knowledge to the group. With a deep understanding of the history and lore of Strange World, Kardez acts as a mentor figure, guiding the main characters through the intricacies of the realm. Their wisdom and expertise become instrumental in unraveling the secrets and overcoming the challenges they face.
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  • Azimuth, a skilled inventor and engineer, showcases their ingenuity and resourcefulness throughout the journey. With a knack for creating ingenious gadgets and contraptions, Azimuth often devises clever solutions to the group’s problems. Their relentless curiosity and passion for tinkering make them an indispensable member of the team, always ready to provide innovative ideas and tools.


  • Diazo, a charismatic and agile rogue, excels in stealth and reconnaissance. With their nimble acrobatics and keen senses, Diazo serves as the group’s eyes and ears in perilous situations. Their ability to navigate treacherous terrains and gather crucial information helps the team anticipate and overcome obstacles. Diazo’s quick wit and sharp intuition make them a trusted ally in the adventure.


  • Ro, a gentle and empathetic soul, possesses a profound connection with the creatures of Strange World. Their affinity for animals and the natural world allows them to communicate with and understand the unique creatures they encounter. Ro’s nurturing spirit and ability to bridge the gap between humans and the mystical beings of the realm provide moments of compassion and harmony in the story.


  • Pulk, a mighty warrior with a heart of gold, brings strength and bravery to the group. With their formidable combat skills and unwavering loyalty, Pulk acts as the group’s shield, protecting them from dangerous adversaries. Beyond their physical prowess, Pulk’s unwavering dedication to their companions fosters a sense of camaraderie and unity, inspiring others to rise above their limitations.


  • Penelope, a brilliant scholar and historian, has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Through her meticulous research and extensive studies, Penelope unearths the ancient secrets of Strange World. Her vast intellect and passion for uncovering hidden truths become crucial in deciphering cryptic clues and unlocking the mysteries that lie within the realm.


  • Sheldon, a jovial and resourceful character, possesses a knack for finding unconventional solutions to problems. With their humorous demeanor and creative thinking, Sheldon injects levity and wit into the group dynamic. Their lighthearted perspective often serves as a morale booster, reminding the team to find joy in even the most challenging situations.


  • The Reapers, a formidable group of antagonists, pose a significant threat to our main characters. These dark and enigmatic beings are shrouded in mystery, wielding powerful dark magic and harboring nefarious intentions. As the primary adversaries, the Reapers test the mettle and resolve of our heroes, pushing them to their limits.


  • Venture, a charismatic and enigmatic figure, operates on the fringes of morality. Their motivations and loyalties remain ambiguous, adding an element of unpredictability to the story. Venture’s strategic mind and manipulative nature make them a complex and intriguing presence, blurring the line between friend and foe.


  • Doomgeyser, a colossal and destructive force, represents the embodiment of chaos within Strange World. This malevolent entity unleashes its wrath upon the land, leaving devastation in its wake. Doomgeyser’s formidable power and relentless pursuit of destruction make it a formidable antagonist, raising the stakes for our heroes and testing their courage and resilience.

These supporting characters, from Kardez and Azimuth to Diazo and Ro, bring depth, diversity, and a range of skills to the narrative of “Strange World.” Each character’s unique qualities and contributions enrich the story, creating a captivating tapestry of personalities and motivations. Whether it’s Kardez’s wisdom, Azimuth’s inventiveness, or Diazo’s agility, these characters play integral roles in shaping the outcome of the adventure.

It’s worth mentioning that Sheldon’s humor and levity offer moments of respite amidst the challenges, while the enigmatic figures like Venture keep the audience guessing, adding an air of intrigue to the plot. And of course, the presence of formidable adversaries like the Reapers and the destructive force of Doomgeyser creates tension and raises the stakes for our heroes.

As the journey unfolds, these supporting characters interact with the main protagonists, shaping their choices, and influencing their growth. Through their unique roles, relationships, and experiences, they contribute to the narrative’s depth, offering a multifaceted exploration of the “Strange World.”

It is worth noting, the supporting characters in “Strange World” play pivotal roles in the unfolding adventure. From their distinctive personalities and motivations to their contributions in overcoming obstacles and shaping the story, they add layers of intrigue and depth. These characters, with their diverse skills and characteristics, create a rich tapestry that enhances the overall experience of this captivating tale.

Strange World: Trailer

Strange World: Setting and Obstacles

Prepare to be transported to the enchanting and uncharted world of Strange World. This extraordinary setting presents an array of breathtaking landscapes and captivating locales. Its untouched and mysterious nature adds to the allure of the characters’ adventure. As they navigate through this realm, they encounter various obstacles that test their resilience and resourcefulness.

Among the challenges faced by our heroes are the treacherous terrains of the Forbidden Forest, where ancient trees loom tall and mythical creatures dwell. The shifting sands of the Desert of Illusions pose a mind-bending puzzle, requiring them to decipher illusions from reality. In the depths of the Crystal Caverns, a labyrinthine network of gleaming crystals, they must navigate their way through the dazzling yet dangerous passageways.

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Strange World is also inhabited by captivating creatures. The majestic Skywhales soar through the skies with grace and elegance, their iridescent wings shimmering in the sunlight. The mischievous Sproglings, small and agile forest-dwellers, add a touch of whimsy to the story with their playful antics. The heroes’ trusty spaceship, the Stardust, serves as their reliable mode of transport through the vast expanses of this extraordinary realm.

Story Summary and Villain

At the heart of Strange World lies an enthralling story of a quest and a mission. Ethan, Olivia, and Max embark on a perilous journey to find the fabled Crystal of Dreams, a mythical artifact said to hold the power to reshape reality. They must navigate through the mysterious and challenging landscapes, overcoming obstacles and deciphering ancient riddles along the way.

However, their path is not without a formidable adversary. Meet Pando, the main villain of Strange World. Pando is a cunning and power-hungry sorcerer, intent on harnessing the power of the Crystal of Dreams for his own dark purposes. With his manipulative tactics and a legion of loyal minions at his disposal, Pando presents a formidable obstacle for our heroes, challenging their resolve and putting their mission in jeopardy.

Age and Relationships of Main Characters

In Strange World, the main characters bring their unique backgrounds and relationships to the forefront. Understanding their ages and dynamics adds depth to their interactions and personal journeys.

Ethan, the charismatic leader, is a young adult on the cusp of his twenties. He harbors a secret crush on Olivia, a close friend since childhood. This unrequited affection adds a layer of complexity to their bond, as they navigate their feelings while focused on their shared mission. As for Ethan’s interests, he has an insatiable curiosity for ancient civilizations and lost artifacts, which fuels his passion for exploration.

The Clades, Ethan’s family, play a significant role in the story. Their close-knit dynamic and unwavering support for one another provide a strong foundation for Ethan’s endeavors. Their familial connection becomes a driving force for Ethan’s determination and acts as a reminder of the importance of love and loyalty.

Strange World as a Disney Movie

Strange World is a thrilling Disney movie that captivates audiences with its imaginative storytelling and stunning animation. Produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, it stands as the 61st animated feature film in Disney’s illustrious repertoire. The film showcases Disney’s commitment to creating magical worlds and compelling characters that resonate with viewers of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the villain in Strange World?

  • A: The main villain in Strange World is Pando. This malevolent force poses a significant threat to our main characters and seeks to unleash chaos and destruction upon the realm. Pando’s dark powers and relentless pursuit of its malevolent goals make it a formidable adversary throughout the story.

Q: What is Strange World based on?

  • A: Strange World is an original concept created by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It is not based on any pre-existing intellectual property or specific source material. The story, characters, and fantastical elements of Strange World were crafted specifically for the film to immerse audiences in a unique and captivating adventure.

Q: What kind of dog is Legend in Strange World?

  • A: Legend, the canine companion in Strange World, is a lovable and loyal character. While the exact breed of Legend is not explicitly mentioned in the film, Legend appears to be a mix of several breeds, embodying traits of courage, loyalty, and adventure. Legend’s presence adds warmth and companionship to the main characters, serving as a faithful companion on their journey.

Q: What happened to Duffle in Strange World?

  • A: Duffle, one of the characters in Strange World, faces various challenges and experiences throughout the story. To avoid spoilers, it’s best to watch the film to discover what happens to Duffle and how their journey unfolds. As a key member of the cast, Duffle’s role contributes to the overall narrative and character development, providing moments of tension, growth, and resolution.

Final Thought

Strange World introduces us to a captivating cast of characters who embark on a thrilling adventure in an uncharted realm. Through their physical descriptions, we gain insight into their appearances and personalities, making them relatable and endearing. The Strange World setting offers a rich tapestry of landscapes and obstacles that add depth and excitement to the story. With a compelling quest, a formidable villain, and heartfelt relationships, the narrative unfolds with gripping intensity.

As the 61st animated feature film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Strange World exemplifies Disney’s commitment to creating magical and engaging storytelling experiences. So, dive into the world of Strange World characters and let your imagination soar as you embark on an unforgettable journey filled with wonder, danger, and the triumph of the human spirit.

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