List and Cast of Frozen Characters

Welcome to an enthralling realm of magic and fascinating people! We will dig into the enchanted world of the Frozen movies and examine the cherished Frozen characters that have won over viewers all around the world in this post. Join the bold and tenacious sisters Elsa and Anna on their adventure as they overcome obstacles, uncover their true identities, and work to change the course of Arendelle. Along the way, we will encounter themes of sisterhood, tragedy, magical powers, and the mystical wonders of the enchanted forest.

Director and Executive Producer

Behind the scenes of these extraordinary films are talented individuals who bring the Frozen characters to life. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee skillfully direct the Frozen films, infusing them with their creative vision and storytelling prowess. Chris Buck, renowned for his work on Tarzan, lends his expertise to these icy tales, ensuring an unforgettable cinematic experience. Additionally, we have John Lasseter as the executive producer for Frozen and Bryon Howard contributing his talents to Frozen II.

Overview of Frozen

Frozen, the enchanting animated franchise, has captured the imaginations of audiences worldwide with its delightful characters and captivating storytelling. We’ll get a closer look at the adored “frozen characters” who have evolved into cultural icons in the animation industry.

The “Frozen” movies, which include the original “Frozen” and its follow-up “Frozen II,” have swept the globe, shattered records, and captured audiences young and old. These characters’ journeys serve as examples of the strength of sisterhood, self-identity development, and the triumph of love over adversity.

Let’s explore the fascinating world of the characters from Frozen, their roles, and the influence they have had on pop culture as we set off on this fantastical journey. Prepare to be mesmerized by the wit, heart, and charm that genuinely makes these characters distinctive.

Frozen Official Trailer:

Frozen Cast and Characters

Now let’s go across the snow-covered country of Arendelle and get to know the amazing cast of Frozen characters that has enthralled viewers of all ages. From the courageous Anna to the majestic Elsa, each character brings a unique charm to the story.

Here are the main characters that grace these animated masterpieces:

Elsa: A Complex Protagonist with Magical Powers


  • Voice Actor: Idina Menzel
  • Young ElsaVoice Actor: Eva Bella
  • Young Elsa [Frozen II] – Voice Actor: Mattea Conforti

Elsa, one of the main figures in the Frozen movie series, attracts attention with her alluring presence and remarkable skills. Elsa is a fascinating character in the novel since she has magical control over ice and snow in her role as Arendelle’s Snow Queen. From the very beginning, Elsa captivates audiences with her compelling journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Elsa’s character is defined by a delicate balance between her immense power and her internal struggles. She struggles with her fear of using her powers to harm people, which makes her withdraw from society. Her journey revolves around learning to embrace her uniqueness and harness her powers for good.

Elsa has a regal elegance with her beautiful blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and slim body. Her physical appearance perfectly complements her icy powers, further enhancing her enchanting presence on screen. Additionally, Elsa’s iconic ice dress, a beautiful manifestation of her abilities, symbolizes her newfound confidence and self-acceptance.

Anna: The Spirited Heroine and Elsa’s Supportive Sister


  • Voice Actor: Kristen Bell
  • Young AnnaVoice Actor: Livvy Stubenrauch
  • Young Anna [Frozen II] – Voice Actor: Hadley Gannaway

Anna, the spirited and optimistic sister of Elsa, plays a vital role in the Frozen story. Her character brings a refreshing charm and relatability to the narrative. While Elsa’s powers take center stage, Anna’s unwavering love and determination are instrumental in the development of the plot.

As the Queen of Arendelle, Anna demonstrates remarkable resilience and courage. She shows off her everlasting loyalty and bravery as she sets out on a risky trip to save her realm and reconnect with her sister. Anna’s relatability lies in her imperfections and her ability to face challenges head-on, making her a beloved character among audiences.

Anna’s physical appearance further adds to her endearing personality. Her braided hair, freckles, and round face give her a down-to-earth, likable appearance. The audience are moved to tears by Anna’s relatability and everlasting love for her sister, which elevates her to the status of a genuine hero in her own right.

Olaf: The Lovable Snowman and Comic Relief


  • Voice Actor: Josh Gad

No discussion about the Frozen characters would be complete without mentioning the lovable snowman, Olaf. With his infectious humor and childlike wonder, Olaf brings joy to the hearts of both characters and audience members alike. As Elsa and Anna’s loyal companion, Olaf adds a touch of whimsy and lightness to the Frozen universe.

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Olaf’s physical appearance perfectly embodies his playful nature. Sporting coal eyes, twig hair, and a carrot for a nose, he captures the essence of a traditional snowman. His endearing personality and humorous antics provide moments of levity throughout the films, balancing the more profound and emotional aspects of the story.

In addition to his comedic relief, Olaf also serves as a symbol of innocence and the joy of living in the present moment. His childlike curiosity and unwavering optimism remind us of the importance of embracing the simple pleasures in life.

Kristoff: The Loyal Companion and Love Interest


  • Voice Actor: Jonathan Groff

In the fictional universe of the Frozen characters, Kristoff assumes the position of Anna’s devoted friend and potential love interest. Kristoff, who works as an ice harvester in the snowy mountains, helps Anna in her mission to save Arendelle and reunite with her sister Elsa. His character brings a rugged charm and a grounded perspective to the narrative, complementing Anna’s spirited nature.

Kristoff’s character is defined by his rugged appearance and resilient nature. With his unkempt hair, rugged attire, and trusty reindeer companion Sven, he embodies the spirit of the icy wilderness. Kristoff is a likable and charming character because of his sincere and down-to-earth demeanor, which connects with viewers.

Sven: The Loyal Reindeer Friend


Sven, Kristoff’s loyal reindeer companion, plays a vital role in the Frozen story. As Kristoff’s trusted sidekick, Sven accompanies him on their adventures, providing support and comic relief along the way. Sven’s unwavering loyalty and connection to nature add depth to the overall narrative.

Sven’s physical appearance and nonverbal communication contribute to his charm. With his gentle eyes and expressive facial expressions, Sven conveys a range of emotions without uttering a single word. His endearing nature and playful interactions with Kristoff and other characters make him a fan favorite.

Prince Hans: The Deceptive Villain

Prince Hans

  • Voice Actor: Santino Fontana

Prince Hans, introduced as a charming and seemingly perfect prince, takes an unexpected turn as the deceptive villain in the Frozen narrative. Initially, he captures Anna’s heart and offers support during her journey. However, his true motives are revealed as he reveals his villainous intentions, betraying both Anna and Elsa.

Prince Hans’ character is defined by his deceptive nature and manipulative tendencies. With his charming demeanor and charismatic presence, he successfully deceives not only the characters within the story but also the audience, adding an element of surprise and intrigue. Prince Hans serves as a cautionary figure, highlighting the importance of not judging others solely based on appearances.

The Duke of Weselton: A Suspicious Figure in Arendelle

The Duke of Weselton

  • Voice Actor: Alan Tudyk

In the Frozen series, there is a character named The Duke of Weselton who has a little but vital role in the main plot. As a representative of a neighboring kingdom, the Duke visits Arendelle with the intention of furthering his own interests. He acts suspiciously and makes attempts to take advantage of the situation throughout the novel.

The Duke of Weselton is characterized by his exaggerated mannerisms and self-serving nature. He is portrayed as an opportunist, constantly seeking personal benefits from his interactions with the rulers of Arendelle. The Duke’s flamboyant appearance and distinct accent add to his memorable presence, showcasing his distinct personality.

King Agnarr and Queen Iduna: The Parents of Elsa and Anna

King Agnarr and Queen Iduna

  • King Agnarr – Voice Actor: Alfred Molina
  • Queen Iduna – Voice Actor: Evan Rachel Wood

King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, the parents of Elsa and Anna, have a significant impact on the Frozen narrative despite their limited on-screen presence. Their untimely demise shapes the course of events, leading to Elsa’s isolation and Anna’s longing for connection. Through flashbacks and memories, their influence is felt throughout the story.

King Agnarr is depicted as a wise and caring ruler, deeply concerned for the well-being of his family and kingdom. On the other side, Queen Iduna is presented as a devoted mother who supports and counsels her daughters. Their love and sacrifice for their children serve as an important foundation for the development of Elsa and Anna’s characters.

Marshmallow: The Guardian of Elsa’s Ice Palace


Marshmallow, a giant snow monster created by Elsa, serves as the guardian of her ice palace in the Frozen narrative. Initially appearing as a threat to Anna and her companions, Marshmallow eventually demonstrates loyalty towards Elsa, protecting her sanctuary from intruders. His presence gives the narrative a sense of danger and intrigue.

Marshmallow’s imposing figure and icy exterior make him an intimidating character. With his massive size and jagged icicle teeth, he embodies the power of Elsa’s magic. Despite his fearsome appearance, Marshmallow’s actions reflect his desire to safeguard Elsa’s isolation, highlighting the complexity of his character.

Snowgies: Mischievous Snow Offspring


The Snowgies, small snowball-like creatures, are the mischievous offspring of Elsa’s magic in Frozen Fever, a short film in the Frozen franchise. These adorable yet rambunctious characters add a lighthearted and comedic touch to the story. Their antics often lead to amusing situations, providing moments of levity amidst the larger narrative.

Snowgies possess a childlike curiosity and boundless energy. Their round, snowball-shaped bodies and whimsical giggles endear them to both the characters in the story and the audience. The Snowgies’ mischievous nature serves as a reminder of the unintended consequences that can arise from Elsa’s powers.

Oaken: The Friendly Trading Post Owner


  • Voice Actor: Chris Williams

Oaken, the owner of Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna, plays a small but memorable role in the Frozen narrative. He provides a warm and jovial presence, welcoming Anna and Kristoff during their journey. Oaken’s trading post becomes a pivotal location where important interactions and comedic moments occur.

Oaken is known for his hearty laugh, boisterous personality, and distinctive accent. His cozy trading post offers refuge to travelers and showcases a variety of goods. Oaken’s friendly nature and willingness to assist others create a sense of community in the story, emphasizing the importance of human connections.

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Grand Pabbie: The Wise and Ancient Troll

Grand Pabbie

  • Voice Actor: Ciarán Hinds

Grand Pabbie, the wise and ancient troll, plays a significant role in the Frozen narrative. As the leader of the trolls, he possesses vast knowledge and magical abilities. He leads Elsa, Anna, and their traveling companions, imparting knowledge and insights that help them in their mission.

Grand Pabbie’s character exudes wisdom and benevolence. With his gentle demeanor and deep voice, he commands respect and serves as a mentor figure to the main characters. He is an essential ally in their journey to discover the truth and bring peace back because of his capacity to harness the magic of nature and his comprehension of Elsa’s abilities.

Lieutenant Destin Mattias: A Loyal Guardian of Arendelle

Lieutenant Destin Mattias

  • Voice Actor: Sterling K. Brown

Lieutenant Destin Mattias, a character introduced in Frozen II, is a loyal guardian of Arendelle. He serves as the leader of the Arendellian soldiers trapped in the enchanted forest. Mattias is deeply committed to his duty and plays a vital role in helping Anna and Elsa navigate the challenges they face.

Lieutenant Destin Mattias embodies discipline, loyalty, and bravery. As a skilled warrior and strategist, he showcases leadership qualities and a strong sense of duty. Mattias’s unwavering loyalty to Arendelle and his determination to protect the kingdom make him an important ally in the story.

Yelena: A Fierce and Compassionate Northuldra Leader


  • Voice Actor: Martha Plimpton

Yelena, a Northuldra leader, is introduced in Frozen II. She represents the Northuldra people, who inhabit the enchanted forest. Yelena plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between the Northuldra and Arendelle, facilitating understanding and cooperation between the two groups.

Yelena is characterized by her strength, resilience, and compassion. She is a strongly committed leader who strives for harmony and togetherness among her people. Yelena’s connection to the enchanted forest and her role in uncovering the truth about the past contribute to the unfolding of the story’s mysteries.

Honeymaren: A Fearless Northuldra Character


  • Voice Actor: Rachel Matthews

Honeymaren is a fearless and resourceful character introduced in Frozen II. As a member of the Northuldra tribe, she plays an important role in the enchanted forest and becomes a key ally to Elsa and Anna. Honeymaren’s knowledge of the forest and her connection to nature are instrumental in guiding the main characters on their journey.

Honeymaren is characterized by her bravery, intelligence, and strong bond with the enchanted forest. She has a natural awareness of the magic that permeates the forest and is a skilled archer. Honeymaren’s resourcefulness and willingness to help others make her a trusted and dependable companion to the main characters.

Ryder: A Lighthearted Northuldra Character


  • Voice Actor: Jason Ritter

Ryder, another Northuldra character introduced in Frozen II, brings a lighthearted and jovial energy to the story. He is Honeymaren’s brother and actively participates in the efforts to protect the enchanted forest. Ryder’s presence adds humor and levity to the narrative, providing moments of comic relief amidst the challenges the characters face.

Ryder is known for his carefree and optimistic personality. He is a skilled tracker and excels at traversing the landscape of the enchanted forest. Ryder’s easygoing nature and positive outlook make him a source of joy and warmth, balancing out the more serious aspects of the story.

Frozen 2: Spirits of the Enchanted Forest

The tale in the eagerly awaited Frozen 2 sequel to Disney’s Frozen takes an enthralling turn as our favorite characters enter the magical and enchanted woodland. This magical setting introduces us to a host of new and intriguing characters known as the spirits of the enchanted forest. Let’s delve into these fascinating beings and explore their roles in the captivating world of Frozen.

  • The Water Nokk: Majestic Guardian of the Sea

The Water Nokk

One of the most awe-inspiring spirits encountered in Frozen 2 is the Water Nokk. This ethereal creature takes the form of a magnificent horse made entirely of water. With its shimmering blue mane and powerful presence, the Water Nokk guards the secrets and treasures hidden within the depths of the sea. It serves as an enigmatic guide for our characters, helping them navigate the challenges they face and revealing vital clues along their journey.

  • The Earth Giants: Towering Protectors of the Forest

The Earth Giants

As Elsa, Anna, and their friends explore the enchanted forest, they come across the colossal and formidable Earth Giants. These towering creatures, formed entirely of rock and earth, serve as the protectors of the forest and its ancient magic. Their towering presence lends the story a feeling of grandeur and serves as a reminder of the amazing force that exists inside nature.

  • The Wind Spirit: Playful Gusts of Whimsy

The Wind Spirit

In the world of Frozen 2, the Wind Spirit takes the form of a mischievous and playful gust of air. Whirling and dancing through the forest, it leaves behind a trail of colorful autumn leaves. The Wind Spirit possesses a carefree nature and brings an element of whimsy to the story. Its mischievous antics often lead our characters on unexpected adventures, adding an element of surprise and joy to their journey.

  • The Fire Spirit: Fierce and Fiery Protector

The Fire Spirit

Within the depths of the enchanted forest, the Fire Spirit awaits, embodying the raw power of flames. With its intense heat and blazing energy, this spirit adds a sense of danger and urgency to the narrative. As our characters unravel the mysteries of the forest, they must navigate the unpredictable temperament of the Fire Spirit, discovering the key to its untamed power.

The Spirits’ Role in the Story

Each spirit encountered in the enchanted forest plays a vital role in shaping the narrative of Frozen 2. They serve as guardians, guides, and obstacles for our characters, testing their courage and resilience. Through their interactions with the spirits, Elsa, Anna, and their companions uncover ancient truths, face personal challenges, and ultimately strive to restore balance and harmony to their world.

Frozen 2 takes us on a captivating journey through a mystical and visually stunning enchanted forest, where the spirits come alive with personality and purpose. The addition of these distinctive characters enhances the Frozen world, encouraging us to delve into the realms of our imagination and serving as a reminder of the enchantment that exists all around us.

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Frozen 2 Official Trailer:

Supporting Characters of Frozen

Elsa and Anna, the dynamic combination at the center of the plot, are frequently the first characters that come to mind when we think of the movie Frozen. But there is a large cast of supporting characters in the Frozen universe who each add something special to the story. Let’s dive into the diverse cast of Frozen characters and explore their roles and characteristics within the enchanting kingdom of Arendelle.

Bulda: The Wise and Caring Troll


  • Voice Actor: Maia Wilson

Bulda, a wise and caring troll, plays a significant role in the Frozen universe. With her warm-hearted nature and insightful wisdom, she offers guidance and support to Elsa and Anna. Bulda’s presence highlights the deep-rooted magical elements in the story, and her caring nature symbolizes the importance of compassion and understanding.

Erik: A Loyal Arendellian Royal Guard


Erik, a member of the Arendellian Royal Guard, embodies loyalty and duty. He stands alongside his fellow guards, ready to protect and serve the kingdom and its royal family. While Erik may not have a central role, his dedication to his duty showcases the devotion and unwavering commitment of the Arendellian guards.

Francis: The Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post Owner


Francis, the charismatic and jovial owner of Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post, adds a touch of humor and lightness to the Frozen universe. With his friendly demeanor and memorable catchphrase, “Yoo-hoo!”, he brings moments of levity amidst the challenges faced by the main characters.

Kai: The Devoted Steward of Arendelle


  • Voice Actor: Stephen J. Anderson

As the loyal steward of Arendelle, Kai exemplifies devotion and responsibility. He assists Queen Elsa and Princess Anna in areas of leadership and diplomacy as a dependable advisor. Kai’s presence showcases the importance of trustworthy companionship and the stability he brings to the kingdom.

King Runeard: The Enigmatic Figure from the Past

King Runeard

  • Voice Actor: Jeremy Sisto

King Runeard, although primarily seen through flashbacks and historical references, plays a crucial role in shaping the events of Frozen. His actions and decisions in the past have far-reaching consequences that affect the present-day characters. The enigma surrounding King Runeard adds intrigue and depth to the story, prompting us to question the legacy of the past and its impact on the present.

Northuldra: The Indigenous Tribe of the Enchanted Forest


The Northuldra people, an indigenous tribe living in harmony with nature, represent a vital element of the Frozen narrative. As the inhabitants of the enchanted forest, they embody a connection to the mystical and serve as a source of knowledge and guidance for Elsa, Anna, and the other characters. The Northuldra showcase the importance of respecting and preserving the natural world.

Royal Guards: Protectors of the Kingdom

Royal Guards

The Royal Guards of Arendelle serve as steadfast defenders of the realm, making sure the royal family is safe and enforcing the rule of law. Though their individual identities may not be explored in depth, their presence adds a sense of security and stability to the kingdom.

Sitron: A Friendly and Energetic Horse


Sitron, a lively and energetic horse, brings a burst of energy to the Frozen universe. He brings a sense of fun and levity to the scenes he is in because of his humorous demeanor and enthusiasm for life. Sitron’s character highlights the magical and whimsical aspects of the world, reminding us of the enchantment within.

Wolves: Mysterious Creatures of the Enchanted Forest


Throughout the Frozen saga, wolves emerge as mysterious and formidable creatures within the enchanted forest. They symbolize the untamed wildness and dangers that lurk in the shadows. The presence of wolves underscores the challenges faced by the characters and adds an element of suspense to their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Elsa in Frozen 1?

  • In Frozen 1, Elsa is portrayed as a young adult, approximately 21 years old. Although it is not stated clearly in the movie, her age is widely acknowledged by viewers and is covered in numerous interpretations of the plot. Elsa’s age is essential since it depicts her coming-of-age and journey of self-discovery throughout the movie.

Who are the characters of Frozen 2?

  • Frozen 2 introduces several new characters alongside the beloved ones from the original film. The main characters in Frozen 2 include: Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, Lieutenant Destin Mattias and Yelena.

Which Frozen character freezes?

  • Elsa, the Snow Queen, is the character in the Frozen film series who has the ability to make ice and freeze things and environments. Her ability to freeze is a central element of her character arc and the main catalyst for the events in both Frozen 1 and Frozen 2. Elsa’s ice powers are not only visually stunning but also symbolize her emotional struggles and growth throughout the story.

Will Elsa be in Frozen 3?

  • As of right moment, neither the creation of Frozen 3 nor Elsa’s participation as a character have received any formal announcements. The Frozen franchise has garnered immense popularity and a dedicated fan base, leading to speculation and anticipation for a potential third installment. While fans anticipate Elsa’s reappearance in Frozen 3, it ultimately hinges on the directors’ artistic choices and the plot’s development. We’ll have to stay tuned for any official updates or announcements to know for sure.

Final Thought

In this frozen wonderland, we have explored the endearing cast of Frozen characters who have become icons in the world of animation. These characters, including Elsa’s path toward self-acceptance, Anna’s everlasting optimism, and Olaf’s contagious humor, have left a lasting impression on viewers. As we bid farewell to Arendelle, we encourage you to embark on more animated adventures and discover the magic that awaits in the realm of captivating characters.

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