Trolls Characters: Best List of All Time

Welcome to the enchanting world of Trolls characters brought to life by DreamWorks Animation. With their vibrant colors and infectious charm, these characters have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The Trolls franchise has gained immense popularity, captivating both children and adults alike. Immerse yourself in this delightful universe as we explore the lovable Trolls characters and their captivating stories. But before we dive in, make sure to check out the movie trailers and photos available, which provide a sneak peek into this magical world.


Overview of Trolls Characters

The Trolls franchise is a testament to the creative genius of DreamWorks Animation. The story originated from the beloved Troll dolls, known for their wild and colorful hair. DreamWorks transformed these iconic toys into an animated universe filled with adventure and music. The Trolls movies follow the journey of the optimistic and determined Queen Poppy and her companion Branch, a cautious and practical Troll. The franchise is known for its lively and heartwarming tales, presenting an array of characters with distinct personalities and traits. Moreover, the movies carry powerful messages of friendship, self-acceptance, and the joy of spreading happiness through their catchy and upbeat songs.

Trolls Movie Trailers

To truly experience the magic of the Trolls characters, don’t miss the exciting movie trailers. These trailers and visuals provide a glimpse into the Trolls universe and introduce you to its extraordinary inhabitants. Watch the trailers to witness the infectious energy and lively adventures that await you. Browse through the photos to catch a glimpse of the vibrant and enchanting world these characters inhabit. Prepare to be captivated by their unique personalities and the breathtaking visual spectacle.

Trolls Cast and Characters

The Trolls characters come to life through the voices of talented actors and musicians. The voice cast adds depth and personality to each character, making them even more relatable and endearing. Renowned actors and musicians have lent their voices to these animated personas, further enhancing the appeal of the franchise. With their exceptional performances, these artists bring a unique charm to their respective Trolls characters, making them memorable and beloved by fans of all ages.

  • Anna Kendrick – Poppy
  • Justin Timberlake – Branch
  • Rachel Bloom – Barb
  • Kelly Clarkson – Delta Dawn
  • John Cleese – King Gristle Sr.
  • James Corden – Biggie
  • Jeffrey Tambor – King Peppy
  • Ron Funches – Cooper
  • Aino Jawo – Satin
  • Caroline Hjelt – Chenille
  • Flula Borg – Dickory
  • Ester Dean – Legsley
  • Ozzy Osbourne – King Thrash
  • Kunal Nayyar – Guy Diamond
  • Quvenzhané Wallis – Harper
  • Walt Dohrn – Smidge, Fuzzbert, Cloud Guy, Mr. Dinkles, Tunnel Troll
  • Rhys Darby – Bibbly
  • George Clinton – King Quincy
  • Anderson .Paak – Prince D
  • Sam Rockwell – Hickory
  • Zooey Deschanel – Bridget
  • Russel Brand – Creek
  • Gewn Stefani – DJ Suki
  • Mary J. Blige – Queen Essence
  • Kenan Thompson – Tiny Diamond
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse – King Gristle Jr.
  • Christine Baranski – Chef
  • Ricky Dillon – Aspen Heitz
  • Meg DeAngelis – Moxie Dewdrop
  • GloZell Green – Grandma Rosiepuff
  • Kandee Johnson – Mandy Sparkledust
  • Grace Helbig – Sugary Cookieloaf
  • Jamie Dornan – Chaz
  • Charlyne Yi – Pennywhistle
  • J Balvin – Tresillo
  • Andrew Rannells – Vaneer
  • RuPaul – Miss Maxine
  • Zosia Mamet – Crimp
  • Anthony Ramos – King Trollex
  • Gustavo Dudamel – Trollzart
  • Karan Soni – Riff
  • Eric André – John Dory
  • Kid Cudi – Clay
  • Daveed Diggs – Spruce
  • Troye Sivan – Floyd
  • Camila Cabello – Viva
  • Amy Schumer – Velvet

Trolls Characters List

The heart and soul of the Trolls franchise lies in its main characters. Queen Poppy, the ever-optimistic and inspiring leader of the Trolls, is a beacon of joy and positivity. Her companion, Branch, brings balance to Poppy’s enthusiasm with his practicality and caution. Together, they embark on thrilling adventures that test their resilience and strengthen their bond. Other notable characters include Creek, a charming yet enigmatic Troll, and DJ Suki, a music-loving Troll with an infectious rhythm. Each character plays a vital role in shaping the story and teaching valuable lessons along the way. Below you can also learn about other characters and find a complete list of trolls with their descriptions.

Poppy: The Optimistic Leader


At the heart of the Trolls characters is Queen Poppy, the embodiment of positivity and joy. With her vibrant pink hair and radiant smile, Poppy is a visual representation of the colorful and lively world of the Trolls. Her unwavering optimism and belief in the power of happiness make her an inspiring leader for her fellow Trolls. Poppy’s role in the story is pivotal, as she guides her community on a quest for harmony and unity, spreading joy wherever she goes.

Branch: From Cautious to Colorful


Branch, the practical and sometimes skeptical Troll, undergoes a remarkable transformation throughout the Trolls movies. Initially, Branch is characterized by his reserved and cautious nature, contrasting Poppy’s exuberance. However, as the story unfolds, Branch learns the importance of embracing his true colors and letting his inner joy shine. His journey serves as a reminder that even the most reserved individuals can discover the beauty of self-expression and find their place in a vibrant world.

Biggie: The Gentle Giant


In the world of Trolls characters, Biggie stands out as a lovable and gentle giant. Towering over the other Trolls, Biggie is known for his kind and caring nature. With his fluffy appearance and endearing personality, he quickly becomes a fan favorite. Biggie’s presence brings a sense of warmth and comfort to the group, providing a steady source of support and friendship. His role in the story showcases the power of compassion and the importance of standing by your friends through thick and thin.

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Mr. Dinkles: A Loyal Companion

Mr. Dinkles

No discussion of Trolls characters would be complete without mentioning Mr. Dinkles, the adorable and devoted pet worm of Biggie. Mr. Dinkles may not have the ability to speak, but his expressive eyes and unwavering loyalty speak volumes. He serves as a constant companion to Biggie, bringing a sense of companionship and adding a touch of humor to the story. Mr. Dinkles reminds us that friendship can come in unexpected forms, transcending language barriers and reinforcing the bond between individuals.

Creek: The Enigmatic Troll


Among the colorful cast of Trolls characters, Creek stands out as an enigma. With his suave demeanor and mysterious allure, Creek adds an element of intrigue to the story. Initially regarded as a charming and friendly Troll, Creek’s true colors are revealed as the plot unfolds. His role in the story serves as a reminder that appearances can be deceiving and that trust should be earned rather than freely given. Creek’s character brings a sense of complexity and depth to the Trolls universe, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

DJ Suki: The Rhythm of the Trolls

DJ Suki

DJ Suki is a music-loving Troll with an infectious rhythm that can make anyone get up and dance. With her vibrant personality and a knack for mixing beats, she sets the tone for the Trolls’ musical adventures. DJ Suki’s role in the story is to provide the Trolls with groovy tunes and an energetic vibe. Her passion for music is contagious, inspiring others to find joy in the power of melody and rhythm.

King Gristle Jr.: A Tale of Transformation

King Gristle Jr

King Gristle Jr., initially known for his grumpy demeanor, undergoes a transformative journey throughout the Trolls movies. As the heir to the Troll-eating kingdom, King Gristle Jr. is burdened by the weight of his family legacy. However, his encounter with the Trolls challenges his preconceptions and leads to personal growth. King Gristle Jr.’s character arc highlights the power of friendship and the ability to overcome societal expectations, ultimately finding happiness in acceptance and compassion.

Bridget: The Kind-hearted Bergen


Bridget is a kind-hearted Bergen who stands out among her peers due to her compassionate nature. Despite being part of a community known for its pessimism, Bridget shows that kindness and empathy can break down barriers. Her unexpected friendship with a Troll teaches her the value of acceptance and the beauty of embracing one’s true self. Bridget’s character brings a touch of warmth and tenderness to the Trolls story, reminding us of the power of love and understanding.

Cooper: The Curious Troll


Cooper is a lovable and endlessly curious Troll who embarks on his own journey of self-discovery. With his vibrant green fur and an insatiable desire for knowledge, Cooper adds a playful and inquisitive element to the Trolls cast. His character represents the spirit of exploration and encourages others to embrace their curiosity. Cooper’s role in the story inspires us to embrace new experiences and learn from the world around us.

Chef: The Antagonistic Force


Every engaging story needs an antagonist, and Chef plays that role in the Trolls universe. As the villainous Bergen determined to capture and consume the Trolls, Chef provides the conflict that drives the plot forward. Her relentless pursuit and devious schemes keep the Trolls on their toes, forcing them to band together and outsmart her. Chef’s character adds tension and excitement to the story, showcasing the resilience and resourcefulness of the Trolls in the face of adversity.

Queen Barb: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel

Queen Barb

Queen Barb is a formidable force in the Trolls franchise, known for her rebellious nature and rock ‘n’ roll attitude. With her wild pink hair and punk-inspired fashion, she embodies the spirit of rebellion and nonconformity. Queen Barb plays a crucial role as the antagonist, challenging the harmony and unity of the Trolls’ world. Her character highlights the tension between different musical genres and the importance of acceptance and understanding.

Guy Diamond: The Shining Star

Guy Diamond

Guy Diamond is a Trolls character who quite literally lights up the screen. With his glittery exterior and sparkling personality, he brings an element of fun and dazzle to the story. Guy Diamond’s role is to spread joy and positivity through his effervescent personality and disco-inspired dance moves. His character showcases the power of self-expression and the ability to bring light into even the darkest moments.

Smidge: The Small Yet Mighty Troll


Smidge may be small in stature, but her spirit and determination make her a force to be reckoned with. With her iconic tuft of vibrant blue hair and her upbeat attitude, Smidge embodies resilience and unwavering optimism. In the Trolls story, Smidge serves as a reminder that size doesn’t define strength and that every voice, no matter how small, can make a difference.

Tiny Diamond: The Sparkling Showstopper

Tiny Diamond

Tiny Diamond is a burst of energy and sparkle in the Trolls cast. As the son of Guy Diamond, he exudes confidence and a love for all things glitzy. With his dazzling diamond-covered body and his knack for catchy rap songs, Tiny Diamond adds an element of swagger and modernity to the Trolls universe. His character emphasizes self-expression and celebrates individuality, encouraging others to embrace their unique talents.

Cloud Guy: The Quirky Companion

Cloud Guy

Cloud Guy is a whimsical and unpredictable character that often surprises the Trolls and the audience alike. With his ever-changing cloud form and mischievous nature, he brings a touch of humor and light-heartedness to the story. Cloud Guy’s role involves providing comic relief and reminding the Trolls to find joy in unexpected moments. His character represents the joy of embracing spontaneity and finding laughter in the most unusual situations.

Fuzzbert: The Furry Friend


Fuzzbert, with his wild and colorful hair, is a Trolls character known for his distinct appearance and endearing nature. While he may not have much to say verbally, Fuzzbert communicates through his actions and expressions. His character highlights the importance of nonverbal communication and the power of simple gestures to convey emotions. Fuzzbert’s presence adds an element of charm and warmth to the Trolls universe.

King Peppy: The Wise Leader

King Peppy

King Peppy, the beloved ruler of the Trolls, plays a vital role in guiding the Trolls through their adventures. With his wise and caring nature, he embodies the spirit of a protective and nurturing leader. King Peppy’s character showcases the importance of courage, sacrifice, and selflessness in the face of adversity. His leadership inspires the Trolls to overcome challenges and find strength within themselves.

Chenille: The Fashionista with a Big Heart

Chenille and Satin

Chenille, with her flair for fashion and a heart full of compassion, is a standout character in the Trolls universe. Known for her striking multicolored hair and impeccable sense of style, Chenille adds a touch of glamour to the cast. Her character exemplifies the importance of embracing individuality and expressing oneself through personal fashion choices. Chenille’s empathy and kind nature make her a beloved member of the Trolls community.

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King Gristle Sr.: The Former Ruler Seeking Redemption

King Gristle Sr

King Gristle Sr., the once fearsome ruler of the Bergens, undergoes a remarkable transformation throughout the Trolls story. Initially depicted as the antagonist, King Gristle Sr. evolves into a character seeking redemption and personal growth. His journey teaches valuable lessons about forgiveness, second chances, and the capacity for change. King Gristle Sr.’s role highlights the power of empathy and understanding in building bridges between different communities.

Chad and Todd: The Loyal Sidekicks

Chad and Todd

Chad and Todd are inseparable companions and loyal sidekicks to the main characters in the Trolls universe. As small creatures with big hearts, they provide comic relief and unwavering support to their friends. Chad’s quick wit and Todd’s unwavering loyalty create a dynamic duo that adds a touch of humor and lightness to the story. Their roles emphasize the importance of friendship and the value of having reliable allies.

Satin: The Fashionable and Fearless Troll

Chenille and Satin

Satin, with her stylish outfits and fearless demeanor, stands out as a character with confidence and determination. Alongside her twin sister Chenille, Satin showcases the power of sisterhood and the strength that comes from unity. Her fashion-forward personality adds a sense of sophistication to the Trolls cast. Satin’s unwavering courage and willingness to take risks inspire others to embrace their own unique strengths and talents.

King Trollex: The Groovy Leader

King Trollex

As the leader of the Techno Trolls, King Trollex is a charismatic and groovy character. With his vibrant personality and a love for electronic music, King Trollex brings rhythm and energy to the Trolls world. His role showcases the power of embracing individuality and celebrating diverse musical styles. King Trollex’s leadership and unwavering belief in the power of music inspire others to find their own unique voice.

Prince D: The Charming Peacemaker

Prince D

Prince D, with his charm and diplomacy, serves as a peacemaker in the Trolls universe. He bridges the gap between different troll tribes and promotes harmony and understanding. Prince D’s role emphasizes the importance of communication and empathy in resolving conflicts and fostering positive relationships. His warm-hearted nature and ability to find common ground make him an invaluable member of the Trolls community.

Delta Dawn: The Fearless Explorer

Delta Dawn

Delta Dawn stands out as a fearless explorer and adventurer in the Trolls world. With her adventurous spirit and thirst for knowledge, Delta Dawn embodies curiosity and the desire to explore new horizons. Her character highlights the importance of embracing new experiences and learning from different cultures. Delta Dawn’s courage and determination inspire others to step outside their comfort zones and embrace the unknown.

Val Thundershock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel

Val Thundershock

Val Thundershock, the rock ‘n’ roll rebel, adds an electrifying energy to the Trolls cast. With her edgy style and a passion for loud music, Val Thundershock embodies the spirit of rebellion and self-expression. Her role celebrates the power of music as a form of liberation and personal empowerment. Val Thundershock’s rebellious nature encourages others to break free from societal expectations and embrace their true selves.

Legsly: The Dance Enthusiast


Legsly, known for her incredible dance moves, brings rhythm and grace to the Trolls universe. With her boundless energy and love for dance, Legsly inspires others to express themselves through movement. Her character highlights the joy and freedom that comes from embracing one’s passions. Legsly’s infectious enthusiasm and talent make her an integral part of the Trolls community, spreading happiness through the power of dance.

Riff: The Energetic Musician


Riff is a dynamic and lively character in the Trolls world. As an energetic musician, Riff adds rhythm and melody to the story. His enthusiasm for music is contagious, inspiring others to tap into their creative potential. Riff’s lively personality and musical talent make him a valuable member of the Trolls community, encouraging everyone to embrace the power of music as a means of self-expression and connection.

Holly Darlin: The Sweet and Supportive Friend

Holly Darlin

Holly Darlin embodies the essence of a sweet and supportive friend. Always ready to lend a helping hand, she is known for her caring nature and kind-heartedness. Holly Darlin’s role emphasizes the importance of friendship and compassion. She is there to uplift others, offering a listening ear and a comforting presence. With her nurturing spirit, Holly Darlin brings warmth and unity to the Trolls universe.

Grandma Rosiepuff: The Wise Elder

Grandma Rosiepuff

Grandma Rosiepuff serves as the wise elder in the Trolls story. With her years of experience and sage advice, she offers guidance and wisdom to the younger characters. Grandma Rosiepuff’s role showcases the significance of honoring traditions, valuing wisdom, and respecting the wisdom of the past. Her presence brings a sense of history and depth to the Trolls community, reminding everyone of the importance of learning from the past.

Moxie Dewdrop: The Spirited Optimist

Moxie Dewdrop

Moxie Dewdrop exudes boundless spirit and optimism. Her infectious positivity brightens up any room she enters. Moxie Dewdrop serves as a reminder of the power of a positive attitude and the ability to find joy even in challenging situations. Her role celebrates resilience, inspiring others to maintain a hopeful outlook and spread happiness wherever they go.

Debbie: The Quirky Inventor


Debbie, the quirky inventor, brings a touch of creativity and ingenuity to the Trolls universe. With her knack for creating unique gadgets and gizmos, Debbie represents the power of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. Her character highlights the importance of embracing one’s individuality and utilizing unique talents to make a difference. Debbie’s inventive nature sparks curiosity and encourages others to explore their own creative potential.

King Thrash: The Majestic Leader

King Thrash

As the majestic leader of the Trolls, King Thrash commands respect and admiration. With his imposing presence and authoritative demeanor, he symbolizes strength and power. King Thrash plays a pivotal role in maintaining order and safeguarding the Trolls community. His wisdom and strategic thinking guide the Trolls through challenging situations, ensuring the well-being of his subjects. The character of King Thrash portrays leadership and highlights the importance of balance and responsibility in a position of authority.

Dickory and Hickory: The Comedic Duo

Dickory and Hickory

Dickory and Hickory form a dynamic and entertaining comedic duo in the Trolls world. With their witty banter and comedic timing, they bring laughter and lightheartedness to the story. Their primary role is to provide comic relief and inject humor into the narrative. Dickory’s quick wit and Hickory’s hilarious antics create a delightful atmosphere that keeps the audience engaged and entertained. The characters of Dickory and Hickory showcase the significance of laughter and joy in even the most challenging times.

Harper: The Artistic Soul


Harper represents the artistic soul within the Trolls community. As a gifted musician, her role revolves around the expression of emotions through music. Harper’s melodious voice and creative spirit inspire others to explore their artistic talents and appreciate the beauty of self-expression. She serves as a reminder of the transformative power of art and the ability of music to connect people on a deeper level. Harper’s character highlights the importance of embracing one’s artistic side and finding solace and inspiration through creative endeavors.

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Demo: The Fearless Adventurer


Demo embodies the fearless adventurer archetype within the Trolls story. With an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for exploration, Demo fearlessly ventures into uncharted territories. Their courage and resilience in the face of the unknown inspire others to embrace new experiences and overcome their fears. Demo’s character represents the spirit of adventure and the inherent human desire to push boundaries and discover the world around us. Their role highlights the importance of embracing change and embracing the unknown with enthusiasm and bravery.

Blaze Powerchord: The Rockstar Extraordinaire

Blaze Powerchord

Blaze Powerchord takes center stage as the rockstar extraordinaire in the Trolls universe. With his electrifying performances and guitar skills, he captivates audiences and infuses the story with a dose of rock ‘n’ roll energy. Blaze’s role in the narrative revolves around spreading joy through his music and inspiring others to embrace their unique talents. He embodies the power of self-expression and the ability of music to unite people from all walks of life.

Dante Crescendo: The Maestro of Melodies

Dante Crescendo

Dante Crescendo stands out as the maestro of melodies within the Trolls story. With his mastery of various musical instruments and his exceptional composing skills, he adds depth and richness to the musical landscape of the Trolls world. Dante’s role centers around composing enchanting melodies that evoke emotions and create a sense of wonder. His musical prowess inspires others to appreciate the beauty of harmonies and the transformative power of music.

Lownote Jones: The Soulful Crooner

Lownote Jones

Lownote Jones brings soulful vibes and smooth melodies to the Trolls tale. With his velvety voice and heartfelt lyrics, he touches the hearts of listeners and conveys deep emotions through his music. Lownote’s role involves serenading the Trolls community with his soul-stirring ballads, spreading love, and reminding everyone of the power of emotional connections. His character highlights the importance of vulnerability and the beauty of expressing one’s true feelings.

Bibbly Bibbington: The Eccentric Inventor

Bibbly Bibbington

Bibbly Bibbington injects an element of eccentricity and innovation into the Trolls narrative. As an imaginative inventor, he creates fantastical gadgets and contraptions that push the boundaries of imagination. Bibbly’s role revolves around using his inventions to solve problems, spark creativity, and bring joy to those around him. His character showcases the power of innovation and the endless possibilities that arise when one dares to think outside the box.

Bernice: The Wise Sage


Bernice emerges as the wise sage, possessing profound wisdom and guidance within the Trolls story. With her ageless knowledge and gentle demeanor, she serves as a mentor and source of wisdom for the Trolls community. Bernice’s role centers around offering advice, providing guidance in times of uncertainty, and reminding others of the importance of embracing their true selves. Her character symbolizes the wisdom that comes with experience and the value of seeking guidance from those who have traversed similar paths.

Dad Cloud: The Wise and Supportive Figure

Dad Cloud and Mom Cloud

Dad Cloud emerges as a wise and supportive figure in the Trolls story. With his nurturing nature and protective instincts, he ensures the well-being of his family and provides guidance when needed. Dad Cloud’s role revolves around offering advice, imparting life lessons, and instilling values in his loved ones. His character represents the importance of familial bonds and the stability that a caring parent figure can bring.

Mom Cloud: The Loving and Nurturing Presence

Mom Cloud and Dad Cloud

Mom Cloud embodies a loving and nurturing presence within the Trolls tale. With her warm and compassionate nature, she fosters an atmosphere of love and understanding in the Trolls community. Mom Cloud’s role centers around providing emotional support, fostering creativity, and encouraging her family to embrace their unique qualities. Her character exemplifies the unconditional love and care that a mother figure can provide.

Janet: The Adventurous and Curious Spirit


Janet brings an adventurous and curious spirit to the Trolls narrative. With her insatiable desire for exploration and her inquisitive nature, she embarks on exciting journeys and discovers new wonders. Janet’s role involves unraveling mysteries, seeking knowledge, and encouraging others to step out of their comfort zones. Her character highlights the importance of curiosity, open-mindedness, and the joy of discovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are the Troll characters?

  • A: The Trolls characters are a diverse group of colorful and lively creatures that inhabit the enchanting world of Trolls. These characters include a wide range of personalities, each with their own unique traits and roles within the Trolls story.

Q: What kind of Troll is Cooper?

  • A: Cooper is a giraffe-like Troll known as a “Giraffatroll.” He possesses a long neck and a gentle disposition, making him one of the more distinctive and lovable Trolls characters.

Q: Who is the male Troll in Trolls?

  • A: The male Troll in Trolls is Branch. He is a key character in the Trolls franchise, known for his skeptical and cautious nature. Branch plays a significant role in the story and undergoes a transformative journey throughout the Trolls narrative.

Q: What is the name of the Troll in Trolls?

  • A: The name of the primary Troll character in Trolls is Poppy. She is the spirited and optimistic leader of the Trolls, known for her vibrant pink hair and infectious positivity. Poppy is a central figure in the Trolls story, driving the plot forward with her determination and unwavering belief in the power of happiness.

Final Thought

The Trolls characters have captured our imaginations with their vibrant personalities and infectious charm. The Trolls franchise, with its lovable cast and heartwarming stories, has become a favorite among audiences of all ages. The colorful world, memorable characters, and catchy songs have created a lasting impact on popular culture. If you’re craving more Trolls magic, there are plenty of avenues to explore. Dive deeper into the Trolls movies, engage with fan communities, and discover related content that celebrates the joy of animated storytelling.

Share the magic of the Trolls cast with your friends and family by spreading the word on social media. Let them experience the colorful and lovable characters that have touched your heart. Together, we can create a community that celebrates the joy and positivity embodied by the Trolls franchise.

Join us in celebrating the enchanting Trolls characters and their extraordinary stories. Together, let’s keep the spirit of happiness, friendship, and adventure alive in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

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